State of Play – April 2015 Edition

Thought now would be as a good a time as any to update folks on what I’m up to. Some of this I’ve discussed in interviews, but some not.

Naturally, The Last Ereph and Other Stories continues to be available at online vendors everywhere (well, most places) as well as select brick and mortar locations.

I recently finished a new short story, “The Destiny Engine,” that’s in the process of being revised. It’s a retelling of an obscure (to me, anyway) Grimm tale called “The Aged Mother”. I originally developed the idea when an anthology of retold Grimm tales was mentioned, but it never came to fruition. I liked the idea, though, so kept plugging along with it.

As I’ve mentioned in interviews, my next big project is Moore Hollow, a novel set in southern West Virginia. It’s about a disgraced British journalist who comes to the fictional town of Jenkinsville, where his great grandfather once worked, to try and track down the source of stranger rumors. About what? About zombies that are supposed to live up in the hills. It should be ready for release sometime this fall.

Beyond that is my most ambitious project yet, a fantasy trilogy called The Water Road. The title (which is shared by the first volume) refers to a river that runs the breadth of the land where the story is set and is navigable over its entire length. It separates the “civilized” nations of the north from the “barbarian” clans of the south. For a century there’s been peace, but at what cost? Two women blow the lid off society and change their world forever.

As I said, that’s a trilogy. Book one, The Water Road, is written and should be out in early 2016. The Endless Hills, book two, is just going through its second draft, but should be ready for 2016, too. The third volume, The Bay of Sins, might see the light of day next year, too, but I’m thinking probably more like early 2017 (I’ve got a day job, after all).

Beyond that? I’ll let you know.


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