JDB Online

Although I try and keep the page here up to date on my doings, you’ll find out even quicker about new books, special deals, and the turmoil that goes on in my head if you check me out on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re curious what’s in my library, you can see it on Library Thing here.  Or head on over to Goodreads if you want to ask some questions. There’s even a little author page at Amazon.

In addition to writing, I make a little music on the side, mostly of the very amateur electronic variety.  I have fun doing it and it’s free, right?  Check it out on Soundcloud.

In my other life as a lawyer I help maintain the Fourth Circuit Blog, which summarizes recently decided cases from the Richmond-based court.

And if you really want to talk to me directly, I encourage you to leave a comment on a blog post.  But if not, you can reach me at jdb@jdbyrne.net.


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