The Unari Empire Trilogy

Set in a steampunkish world with a superpower starting to fracture, the Unari Empire Trilogy follows characters trying to understand that world and make a way in it for them and their families, all the while uncovering deeply held secrets that might change that world forever.

Gods of the Empire

Aton Askins finds things and people that don’t want to be found, but is barely making a living. Now if he takes a new mission for a mysterious, wealthy patron, to find lost artifacts of the gods who left Oiwa centuries ago, he could make a life for himself and his sick daughter.

Lady Belwyn lost much in the Port Ambs bombing seven years ago – her husband, her right leg, and her confidence. Fitted with a new mechanical leg and taking her first steps back into society, she begins to ask questions about Port Ambs and why the perpetrators have never been caught – questions others don’t want to be answered.

While the Unari Empire begins to pull itself apart, two people will search for their own truths and learn things about their world that will change their lives forever.

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Widows of the Empire

A gilded cage is still a cage. Banished from the capital to her home in Annanais, Lady Belwyn chafes under the restrictions of her handler, who controls what she reads and who she sees. She can’t continue to search for the truth of the Port Ambs bombing if she can’t leave her makeshift prison. Now she’s getting letters from other women around the Empire, other widows, looking for answers, too. Could their shared pain be a way out? A way to help not only her, but those like her, to find answers?

Aton Askins is making the most of his new employer’s largesse, buying a new home and trying to build the family he’s been missing since Port Ambs. Now he’s been tasked with finding the Circle of Rend, another ancient artifact of the departed gods. That will require him to sign on to an expedition in the Southern Islands led by a brutal explorer. He has to do it to maintain his comfortable new life, but what will be the cost? Does he really know what his employer is up to?

As the Unari Empire continues to fracture, Belwyn and Aton are closer than ever to the answers they want, but they may not like the answers they find in the second installment of the thrilling Unari Empire trilogy.

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