Books by JD Byrne

The Last Ereph and Other Stories

A collection of ten science fiction and fantasy stories featuring fleeing thieves, dragons, mysterious islands and more.

“The Destiny Engine”

A short story where steampunk meets the Brothers Grimm.

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Moore Hollow

A disgraced English journalist stalks a secret in the hills of southern West Virginia, but what will he do if he finds what he’s looking for? A tale of redemption, crooked politicians, and the undead who might be their constituents.

The Water Road Trilogy

When two women discover a secret hidden for a century, it propels one to revolution and drives the other to make certain that the world knows about it. An epic fantasy tale of revenge, justice, the battle to spread the truth, and the struggle to contain the fire it starts.

The Unari Empire Trilogy

While the Unari Empire begins to pull itself apart, two people – the finder Aton Askins and the dowager princess Lady Belwyn – will search for their own truths and learn things about their world that will change their lives forever.


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