Water Road Wednesday: Cover & Release Date!

I’ve spilled quite a bit of virtual ink over the past weeks (this is the 20th edition of Water Road Wednesday, by the way) talking about the world of The Water Road, some of the things that happen there and, most importantly, some of the people who inhabit it. Now’s the time to put something a little more concrete with all that.

I’m very pleased to reveal the cover for The Water Road:

TWR Cover (540x810)

It’s by Deranged Doctor Design, who will be doing the covers for The Endless Hills and The Water Road, too.

With a cover I can also announce that The Water Road will be released on June 22 – that’s right, on Water Road Wednesday! It will be available as an eBook exclusively from Amazon. Paperback will follow shortly thereafter (it’s harder to coordinate that).

Of course, there will be more info on the entire Water Road Trilogy as the year rolls on!


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