“Quotas” – A (Very) Short Story

I’ve written stories that are lots of different lengths. Moore Hollow’s a novel, albeit a fairly short one. The books of The Water Road trilogy, on the other hand, will all clock in at over 110,000 words a piece. Then, of course, in The Last Ereph and Other Stories there are stories ranging from just over four pages to nearly twenty.

But I’ve never written a story in 100 words before. Until author Eric Douglas (who interviewed me way back in April), issued a challenge to write a 100-word story for Halloween. Not less than 100 words, not about 100 words – 100 words exactly. Holy hell, was it hard! I had to bag my first attempt, but I really like what I wound up with.

Here it is – “Quotas”

“Nothing personal,” the demon said, squatting in a fetid cloud of hot vapor. “Just business.”

“You’re trying to take my soul!” I tried to back up, but the tunnel wall blocked any escape.

“It’s nothing to do with you. Trust me.” The demon waved an oozing appendage at him.

“You’re a demon!”

“Then don’t.” The demon shrugged, in the way it would if it had shoulders. “Can’t stop some things, regardless.”


“Death. Taxes. Such as it’s the end of the month,” the demon said, long forked tongue slipping over its calloused, slimy lips. “You know. Quotas.”

The demon sprang.

Happy Halloween!


Be sure and check out Eric’s website for links to all the other 100-word stories he got!


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