Water Road Wednesday: A Confession

Dear readers, it’s come time for me to make a confession – The Bay of Sins, the final volume of The Water Road trilogy will not be coming out this year.

I’ve said from the beginning that I planned to release the entire trilogy in 2016 – it’s the year of The Water Road, after all. That being said, you know what a much more famous Burns once wrote about the best laid plans.

Fact is, the editing process is taking a little longer with this one than anticipated. Given that we’re getting into the holidays and people have lots of other demands on their times, I don’t think it’s fair to my beta readers or editor to try and ram things through just to have a finished product by December 31. Better that all involved have the time to do the same excellent jobs they’ve done on The Water Road and The Endless Hills.

With that, I’m going to draw Water Road Wednesday to a close for this year. I’ll ramp it back up in 2017 when we’re closer to the final product seeing the light of day.

Until then, get caught up with the trilogy by picking up The Water Road and The Endless Hills now.


2 thoughts on “Water Road Wednesday: A Confession

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