Moore Hollow Monday: Win a Free Copy!

You’ve probably said, “JD, I really want to read Moore Hollow right now! Do I have to wait for October 5 to roll around?” As luck would have it, you’ve got not one but two chances to do just that – and do it for free!

Between now and September 21 go to LibraryThing or Goodreads and enter to win a free copy of Moore Hollow! Even better, you’ll get your book before it’s released on October 5!

If you’re one of the cool kids and want en eBook version of Moore Hollow, head on over to LibraryThing. Check their giveaway list and do a search for Moore Hollow (if it’s not near the top). I’ll be giving away up to 100 copies in various electronic forms (Kindle, ePub, and PDF). The giveaway runs for a week, which means you can have Moore Hollow in your hot little hands by September 22 or 23, depending on how long it takes to process the winners!

Or, if you’re more of the vintage type, head on over to Goodreads. There you can enter to win one of two paperback copies of Moore Hollow signed by yours truly! Just check their giveaways page or the Moore Hollow page itself, which will have a button where you can enter. This one also runs until next Monday, so it’ll take a bit longer to get your signed copy to you, but it should still hit your doorstep before October 5!

Until then, look forward to another excerpt and some of the history behind the book on the forthcoming Moore Hollow Mondays!

Cover (KDP)


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